Help us with your online shopping – it doesn’t cost you a penny extra.

How does it work?

First you choose who you want to help and then you shop as you are used to. From each of your purchases, the online store sends a certain percentage to a good cause as a thank you, and of course you don’t pay anything extra. offers more than a thousand partner e-shops and several thousand charitable organizations that you can help, including us –  Podpora ledního hokeje žen z.s. (= Support for women’s ice hockey). The principle of how it works is illustrated by a clear graphic from Source:   How can you support us? We will guide you through the process: In our aplication you can scan the QR code or click on the link to the store, where we have set up the Podpora ledního hokeje žen organization for you – all you have to do is shop 🙂 You can also use the Helper in the browser (does not work on mobile phones):

Step 1 – installation in the browser

Click the green „Get Assistant“ button:

Install the helper in your Internet browser from the link, newly available also in Safari 🙂

During the installation, create your own account on and set that the organization you want to regularly contribute to is the Podpora ledního hokeje žen z.s.,which ensures the activities of the HC Kobra Praha women’s team. You can also choose an organization during your first purchase, as soon as the helper window pops up, enter our organization and it will remain saved for the next time – The helper will then only ask you if you want to help this time as well. In your profile, you can track which amounts you donated to whom during your purchase.

Step 2 – shopping

5 tips for shopping with Givt:

  1. cookies must be enabled
  2. disabled Adblock and similar ad blockers and cookies
  3. discount coupons from competing websites – they get the reward, not our organization
  4. do not jump to other websites or open additional windows
  5. use the Helper in your PC browser so you don’t forget to help 🙂

After installation, when you make a purchase from one of the supported e-shops, you will always receive a notification that a percentage of your purchase will be sent to the organization Podpora ledního hokeje žen z.s.

Purchase from a mobile phone

You can also start a purchase with a contribution directly on the website (if, for example, you will be shopping via a mobile phone or other device). You just need to search for a supported retailer and organization Podpora ledního hokeje žen z.s.:

This procedure with redirection from the website is the only one usable on iPhone mobile phones You can also use the application to purchase via an Android mobile phone, where you can set a supported organization and enter the e-shop with the support of this selected organization directly from the application.

There is no price increase during purchases, the contribution is paid by the merchant and then sends part of it to the supported organization.   We will be happy if you decide to support us in this way and thank you for your long term patronage. 🙂